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Good news! Teenagers seem to be smoking less cigarettes these days. However, the bad news is that according to the most recent government data marijuana might be taking its place.

From 2002-07 marijuana use amongst teenagers has been declining. However, a recent survey has shown that 1 in 16 seniors are smoking pot daily or near daily. Some have speculated that the recent surge of interest in medical marijuana, and the potential legalization debates, may possibly be playing a role in the increase. Whatever the reason, our 8th through 12th graders seem to be viewing marijuana from a different perspective than they did even a few years ago.

Whether this increase is due to the constant barrage of benefits to legalize marijuana, or the ongoing debate concerning medical marijuana, the adverse effects of a developing child are far more detrimental than adults. In addition to the typical memory and learning deficits, researchers have now found that children exposed to daily marijuana usage can cause depression and anxiety, and have an irreversible long-term effect on the brain.

I personally will not get into the debate about medical marijuana, or even the legalization of the drug. I have my opinions, but that is not the arena I want to play in. Way too much drama! My primary concern is steering people away from the daily and heavy usage of marijuana. Or better yet, my purpose is to help individuals who know that their usage is interfering with their life in some way, and who are ready and willing to make the change.

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