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Why do we deceive ourselves? Is there anything in your life that is not as complete or fulfilled as it would be if you were not smoking? It really is about maximizing your potential.

What about your relationships? Are you truly the father or mother you thought you would be? Many of us avoid even the most precious relationships in our lives. Is there a spouse you have neglected? Have you neglected family members, friends, and co-workers? Equally important, have you neglected yourself?

Is the suffering you go through trying to quit worth the reward of having fulfilling relationships, such as with your children? What if your children grew up to follow in your footsteps with this habit?

Stop and think for a moment about where you are in life compared to where you thought you would be. Think of the people who have been affected by your addiction. How many people have drifted away from you and who has come into your life that really shouldn’t be there?

What about your health? Is that a concern to you? Many people overeat, and primarily with all the wrong foods. So, how is your diet? What about your activity level? Is it video games and TV? Concerning your health, how in the world can you focus on what is beneficial and ignore the fact that you are engulfing copious amounts of smoke into your lungs?

Have you noticed that you have become less able to find exact words to express yourself? What about other people having difficulty understanding what you mean? Do you have problems in understanding what other people mean? Do you have feelings of being misunderstood and lonely? Have you noticed that you repeat your mistakes? Do you experience feelings of being inadequate and unsuccessful?

These are just a few questions, which might not all apply to you. However, I am sure you have your own questions to ask.

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