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Why you do anything in life is a direct reflection of your core values and belief systems. What you do simply proves what you believe. There is a “why” attached to pretty much everything you do, whether small or large. You have reasons why you behave the way you do, why you eat various foods, why you buy certain things, etc. Your “why” ultimately determines who you are as a person.

Some people may suggest that your “why” and your emotions are essentially the same thing, or that they are dependent upon each other. That’s not true. Emotions, or goals, to quit will only carry you so far. In regards to marijuana recovery, abstinence based only on emotion will eventually wane. I am not saying that emotions or goal setting is not important. You really need to have these as part of your plan. But forgetting your “why” is absolutely disastrous.

People who smoke marijuana regularly have their reasons, and the ones who want to quit have theirs. However, the main obstacle most people have when quitting cannabis is remembering why they chose to stop living the life of a “pot-head,” especially during the difficult times. Many times, we cleverly convince ourselves that if we go back to smoking, things will somehow be different, or that we will manage our use more wisely. Try to avoid that lie to yourself. You will ALWAYS go back to the way you were eventually.

That’s why I recommend writing these down and keeping them close by. When the urge to smoke arrives, instead of brushing aside your reasons for quitting and rationalizing your desire for “just one little toke,” reminding yourself of why you have decided to make this change in your life is invaluable to your success. In the book, I have created a Daily Task in which you can list all of your reasons for quitting. List everything. It doesn’t matter how small or big the reason. Write it down! We are currently creating a template on The Secret Addiction website for you to use as well.

I encourage you to really evaluate your “whys” in other areas of your life as well. These may be connected to the reasons why you smoke marijuana like you do. Whether it is the ways in which you manage your finances, choose jobs, partners, value yourself, etc. The stories you keep telling yourself and others need to be evaluated for their truth and validity. We all have a story to tell. We just need to figure out why we are telling it, or living it.

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