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There is a story told of a child who once stole the egg of an eagle, and brought it back to his parent’s farm where it was placed underneath a chicken. The eagle hatched with the eggs of the chicken and it was brought up in the barnyard just as if it were a chicken. Yet, there was something within the breast of that great bird that knew there was more to life than the barnyard. So, as the eagle grew and developed, its discontent became more and more evident. 

One day when the eagle was scratching in the barnyard with all the other chickens, a big storm came upon the farm. While all the animals began to tremble and look for cover, the eagle felt a stirring that it had never known. Its powerful wings spread and lifted the eagle easily up to the top of the barn. A feeling of confidence and power came over the young eagle and it knew instantly that it was not meant to just survive like all the other animals. It was destined to fly and soar above the storms and seek its own world where most feared to go. As the eagle rose above the barnyard and circled the farm for the last time, there was no sadness in its goodbye! There was only joy and anticipation in the knowledge that from here on there would be no limitations. 

You are that eagle! You were raised in an environment that taught you limitations that accentuated your errors and made fun of you when you stumbled. Yet, always within your heart there has been something telling you that you are meant to be better….that you were destined to fly and soar above the storms of life.

You are hereby notified that it is your destiny and you can claim it anytime you wish. This is not an idle statement meant to encourage you beyond your capabilities. It is the truth about “WHO YOU ARE!”  You can spread your wings and fly, surmounting any obstacle, especially marijuana addiction.

Your decision to stop smoking marijuana is a personal choice made BY YOU for various reasons. Underlying every one of our reasons, however, is the desire to be a better version of ourselves. This should never be ridiculed by others, particularly by those who would rather remain chickens.

You are a winning person! Your capacity is unlimited, your identity is perfect for who you are right now, and I support you in your quest to become the best person possible.

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