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The following story was written by a very wise and dear friend of mine, Dawn Cadwallader. Although Dawn continually writes articles filled with this type of wisdom and understanding, I asked her if I could post this particular writing since low self-esteem is such a critical characteristic shared by so many people suffering with drug addictions. Simply put, drug addiction is the side-effect with low self-esteem being the underlying cause. Until you are ready to seriously address the cause, the side-effects will persistently invade your life and your happiness. Thank you, Dawn, for such a beautiful story. You can also access Dawns blog by visiting her site at http://drdawncadwallader.wordpress.com.

There once were two friends who loved each other as sisters. One of the friends had the lowest self-esteem you could ever imagine. Every time she looked in the mirror she saw every flaw, even ones that didn’t exist. Her daily words were scattered with negativity and self-depreciating comments. The other friend had an incredibly positive outlook, but no matter how much she tried to lift her down friend, it didn’t work. As years went on, the friend with the low self-esteem lost eyesight in both eyes due to a degenerative disease. The friendship continued and they loved each other more each year. One day, the positive friend was killed in a tragic accident. She just so happened to be an organ donor and both of her eyes were transplanted to her friend.

After the surgery, when the bandages were removed, the friend with the low self-esteem looked in the mirror for the first time. The image she saw was not what she had been seeing her whole life. She saw a beautiful young woman with no flaws and a shining aura around her. She dropped to her knees and cried out of pure happiness. She now knew what her friend had meant all those years when she had said to her, “If only you could see yourself through my eyes, you wouldn’t feel the way you do about yourself.”

Of course, my story is made up. The point of the story lies in something I have told many of my friends over the years. It seems as though so many of us make the conscious choice to find our own flaws and focus on them, rather than point out our own perfections. I’m as guilty of this as many others.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had be opportunity to see ourselves how others see us? Even for a moment, if we could just have the vision put into our heads to give us a clearer idea of reality and not our own made up image of what we think we look like. If we could do so, we wouldn’t focus on the negative qualities that we think we have. We would see our own beauty in a radiant light, that we are all magnificently perfect, and we would love ourselves unconditionally, just as those who choose to be in our lives do.

My wish for you is to one day see yourself through my eyes. Then, you would love and adore yourself as much as I do.

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