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Some of you know I have been reading many of James Allen’s books he wrote from 1902-1913. I ran across this last night and felt the need to share it with all of you. Not only is he an amazing writer, but his level of understanding about life is unremarkable.


“There is no force in the universe which can be annihilated or lost. Energy is transformed, but not destroyed. To shut the door upon old and bad habits is to open it to new and better ones.

Truly, the transformation is not instantaneous; nor is the transformation a pleasant and painless process. Nature demands effort and patience as the price of growth. In the march of progress, every victory is contested with struggle and pain; but the victory is achieved, and it abides. The struggle passes; the pain is temporary only.

To demolish a firmly fixed habit, to break up a mental tendency that has become automatic with long use, and to force into birth and growth a fine characteristic or lofty virtue – to accomplish this necessitates a painful metamorphosis, a transitional period of darkness, to pass through which, patience and endurance are required: and this where people fail; this is where they slip back into their old, easy, animal ruts , and abandon self-control as too strenuous and severe, Thus they fall short of happiness, the life triumphant over evil is hidden from their eyes.”

As I write in The Secret Addiction, in some strange way, it wouldn’t be fair if this were an easy process. What people don’t understand is that you are not only shedding a very restrictive habit in your life, but many of the foundational reasons behind the smoking. Removing the marijuana from your life without removing the underlying cause would be like loosening the noose without removing the rope from your neck.

For those of you willing to go through the process of change, be ready to experience EVERYTHING that comes with it…good and bad for they both have a purpose. Be very patient and endure the trials. We are all amazing people just waiting to come out of our self-inflicted cocoons.

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