The Financial Cost Calculator will estimate the amount of money you spend yearly on marijuana. This can be shocking. You can include many of the additional costs such as pipes, bongs, and extra food, but the expense of marijuana alone can be very surprising to many. Simply estimate the amount of money you spend weekly OR monthly and press the “Equals” button. The “Amount Spent” is calculated on a yearly basis. Once this is complete, use the Simple Savings Calculator below so that you can take a glimpse at how much money would have been gained if it were deposited in an interest bearing account during the years you smoked.
Per WeekAmount Spent
$ X 52 Weeks $

Per MonthAmount Spent
$ X 12 Months $

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Let’s take a look at what this money could have been doing for you during the amount of time that you have smoked. The Simple Savings Calculator below is a great tool for you to identify how money that is saved can be accrued over time.

Use your monthly amount as the “starting balance” and your “monthly deposit.” recommends using an average interest rate of 6.5%, but you can use any percentage. Next, estimate the number of years you have smoked and press the “Calculate” button. If you think the first estimate was shocking, wait until you see how this money could have been used over the years!

Simple Savings Calculator

Lastly, and by far, most importantly, consider the additional costs of lost time and missed opportunities. It would be difficult to calculate time and opportunity, but just imagine the magnitude. Take a moment and think about what else or who else could have used or needed the money you wasted on this drug? You now have the opportunity to dwell negatively on these calculations, or start doing something about it. It’s your choice. It is NEVER too late!

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