A lot of confusion circulates when it comes to the usage of cannabis and the addictive power of this substance. How is a cannabis addict defined and what does it take to become addicted? What does it take for a person to really understand that dependence is probably present and the drug is affecting life in a negative way?

Cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient that causes mood swings and the additional effects connected to the smoking of cannabis. This is a powerful substance that can cause mood swings and ultimately an addiction.

A cannabis addict is a person that cannot stop smoking, even after a decision is made to quit. A number of people are capable of going without cannabis for long periods of time, which means that dependence has not formed in their case.

Some studies claim that long term cannabis usage is a common reason for addiction. Cannabis is considered to be less addictive than other drugs but many people report that they have become dependent.

Making the decision to stop smoking is relatively easy, making it happen for real is the difficult part. This is when a person understands how serious the problem has actually become.

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