Public health experts say that as many as 30 million Americans are regular abusers of cannabis. These people don’t think of themselves as addicts, of course. If you ask them, they’ll tell you they don’t need cannabis addiction treatment and can stop any time they want, but can they really? Not without help.

Dr. Tony DeRamus knows what kind of cannabis addiction treatment is effective because he was once dependent upon cannabis himself. His book, The Secret Addiction, provides readers with a practical guide to kicking the pot habit once and for all. Like most cannabis users, Dr. DeRamus spent years denying the powerful hold the drug had over his life, watching as though from the sidelines as his pot use ruined opportunities for professional advancement and destroyed relationships with the people he loved the most. When he finally vowed to rid himself of his dependency, he focused on pragmatic, motivational and behavioral strategies for cannabis addiction treatment. They worked for Tony DeRamus, and they can work for you. The Secret Addiction is a must-read for any cannabis user who knows his or her life is on the line and it’s time to get straight.

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