DeRamus offers his personal and warm inner story in which he openly exposes the challenges he faced in conquering his own addiction, after numerous attempts had failed. This well researched book is an engaging, realistic and informative blueprint for success! Better yet, it can open up the pathways that will enable you to create a far richer, more bountiful and productive future.

– Dr. Larry Markson – Author of Talking to Yourself is NOT Crazy

One day, you wake up to a lifestyle that revolves around getting high in order to enjoy anything….” Dr. Tony DeRamus writes in “The Secret Addiction,” his beautifully clear, compelling, and fact-based book about marijuana addiction. “It is all here: the reasons why people smoke pot, how they get addicted, how it destroys motivation and accomplishment, the difficulties and challenges of quitting, the charts and tables, and the research. “Best of all, Dr. DeRamus writes from hard-earned personal experience, having gone from being a serious addict himself to one of the most successful chiropractic doctors in the U.S. If you or someone you love suffers from this addiction, read this book. It is the definitive guide to turning your life around and becoming free.

– Jim Dreaver, Author of End your Story. Begin your life…

Dr. Tony’s book is as real, thoughtful, and inspiring just as he is in person. Each reader will find themselves somewhere in the story and come out a better person, and will undoubtedly share this book with others. Read, reflect and redirect your life for success and significance!

– Rebecca S Halstead, Brigadier General,
US Army, Retired and CEO ,
STEADFAST Leadership

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