Addictions of any type are difficult, not only for the addict, but their family and friends as well. Drug addicts in particular are demonized with added assumptions that they are criminals willing to steal anything for their next fix. Marijuana is a drug that is seemingly harmless and frequently doesn’t rise in people’s minds to the level of addiction of someone addicted to alcohol, crack or heroin. The insidious addiction of what too many view as a recreational drug inspired a marijuana book like no other.

Dispelling the notion that marijuana is a harmless drug, the marijuana book ‘The Secret Addiction’ details the slide from recreational user to full-blown addict. The war on drugs is too often a private war for the addict and their families and friends, and having a written guide detailing how to shake the addiction once and for all is invaluable. Resources about marijuana addiction are few and far between. Whether you or someone you know has suffered from an addiction to marijuana, or you’re simply curious about the addiction, reading a marijuana book that provides a factual, authoritative first-person account is certainly worth reading.

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