“I will never forget the memory of watching my son discovering his own shadow. As he continued to swipe at his shadow in an apparent attempt to capture it, I could not help reflecting on how many other discoveries I had missed. To not live your life in fulfillment is saddening, but to deny your own child is tragic,” laments Dr. DeRamus.

“Whether it is an experience with a child or some other circumstance, living a life in captivity to any drug takes more than it gives. I suppose it is somewhat ironic that it took me to discover my own shadow in order to experience my son discover his.”

Why did Tony DeRamus smoke pot? It made him feel different. It allowed him to escape. He wasn’t an addict. He could stop any time he wanted. Except he couldn’t. It took Dr. Tony DeRamus almost 10 years to be able to come out from behind the marijuana smokescreen. Again and again he tried to quit – without success. But he learned something in the process, and what he learned is the core of his extraordinary book, The Secret Addiction.

After almost a decade of living a life behind a veil of smoke and many failed attempts at quitting, Tony DeRamus began his journey of discovering the answers to abstaining from what most people consider to be a harmless drug, a non-addictive drug. For many of those who are trapped in this cloud of smoke, know this is far from the truth. Sadly, many of those individuals simply do not know how to find their way out.

Although The Secret Addiction began as a personal quest, Dr. DeRamus quickly realized that there was very limited information specifically for marijuana addicts. However, marijuana addicts are unique and find it difficult to follow programs designed for other drugs such as cocaine and alcohol. He is now dedicated to discovering and applying the most effective
methods available for marijuana addiction.

The intensive guide seeks to help those who are keen on discovering solutions for shaking off the dependency on marijuana, irrespective of the length of the addiction. It equips the victim with solid facts and time-tested principles for formulating a highly-effective marijuana addiction program. The Secret Addiction’s efficacy is highlighted by the fact that it has been written by an individual who has not viewed the drug dependency from the periphery but tackled it head-on.


Tony DeRamus is the CEO of SMA International, a company devoted to addressing the rampant abuse of marijuana worldwide by training, coaching and educating counselors and users through various mediums such as books, internet, and seminars. He also owns and operates one of the largest chiropractic clinics in North America. Dr. DeRamus has devoted his life to helping others achieve personal success in both life, and their health and well-being.

“It has been a long road. There have been many late nights writing and researching while the rest of the family slept, and many more early mornings before I crept off to work. In regards to your success, I hope that you will put the same dedication and sacrifices into quitting that I have put into The Secret Addiction. You and I both know that this book could change your life forever. It has mine,” states Dr. DeRamus

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