The Secret Addiction

The Secret Addiction began as Dr. DeRamus’s personal quest for discovering ‘hard-to-find’ answers after almost a decade of living behind a shroud of smoke and multiple failed attempts at kicking the marijuana habit. He sought to make available little-known facts about abstaining from a seemingly non-addictive drug that deceptively ensnares individuals in its smoky fangs. Dr. DeRamus realized there were very little marijuana-focused informational resources which would help victims develop a potent marijuana treatment program. The Secret Addiction can act as a perfect complement for a clinical marijuana addiction program. It directly addresses marijuana users who find it difficult to relate to generic addiction programs that cover everything from alcohol to cocaine.

After almost a decade of living a life behind a veil of smoke and many failed attempts at quitting, Tony DeRamus began his journey of discovering the answers to abstaining from what most people consider to be a harmless drug, a non-addictive drug. For many of those who are trapped in this cloud of smoke, know this is far from the truth. Sadly, many of those individuals simply do not know how to find their way out.

The Secret Addiction will help guide those who are looking for the answers to escaping their dependency on marijuana whether it has been two years or twenty years. Compiled with the latest research, questionnaires, motivational and behavioral strategies, The Secret Addiction has been written exclusively for the marijuana user.


Book Synopsis

The Secret Addiction provides an extraordinary and inspiring practical guide for Marijuana users who are truly serious about kicking the habit – once and for all. It is all here: the reasons why people smoke pot, how they get addicted, how it destroys motivation and accomplishment, the difficulties and challenges of quitting, the charts and tables, and the research.

The intensive guide seeks to help those who are keen on discovering solutions for shaking off the dependency on marijuana, irrespective of the length of the addiction. It equips the victim with solid facts and time-tested principles for formulating a highly-effective marijuana addiction program. The Secret Addiction’s efficacy is highlighted by the fact that it has been written by an individual who has not viewed the drug dependency from the periphery but tackled it head-on.

Although The Secret Addiction began as a personal quest, Dr. DeRamus quickly realized that there was very limited information specifically for marijuana addicts. Yes, the topic of addiction is extremely popular, but marijuana addicts consider themselves different and many times can’t relate to a program focused mainly on alcohol or cocaine.

The Secret Addiction is a book that anyone who has struggled with marijuana issues, or is struggling with marijuana addiction, needs to read. It’s a practical guide for anyone who, like the author, realizes that pot is  interfering with their life but doesn’t know how to quit. Too many people delude themselves into thinking marijuana is a harmless, non-addictive drug. Anyone who’s actually struggled with a marijuana addiction knows this is far from the truth. Dr. DeRamus’s book gives them a step-by-step guide to getting out from behind the smokescreen and start living their lives again — drug-free. Addiction’s are a popular topic for books, but those books tend to focus on the more common addictions of alcohol and cocaine. There’s little to no literature available for people who’ve developed a dependency on marijuana. The Secret Addiction is a guide written specifically for people whose covert addiction is to marijuana and who need a boost to free themselves.

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